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Hurdles Training

Coaching the Sprint Hurdles
One of the difficult areas to manage as a coach is the development of your sprint hurdlers (110 meter High Hurdles / 100 meter High Hurdles). The books out there will give you plenty of technical things to learn and apply, but what I want to touch on is the practice session itself. One of the biggest problems continues to be the fact that we take our best sprinters and sprint them and then take our second-tier sprinters and hurdle them.

Beginning Hurdle Training
Suppose you are a young coach with little track & field experience. In your pre-season meeting with your other coaches--three or four, some "walk-ons" (maybe you are a "walk-on"). It is discovered that last year's hurdle coach won't be back and no one wants to coach the hurdles. The jump coach, shot put and discus coach, and the distance coach all give convincing arguments why they can't coach hurdles, and why you should coach hurdlers since you have the sprints and relays. Disarmed, you reluctantly agree to take on the responsibility.

Coaching the Hurdles: The Role of the Hurdle Coach
The role of the coach is to generate enthusiasm, discipline, concentration and dedication for the training regiment. The coach must act as a barrier, during practice, for outside contaminates and interference's. The coach must also be counselor, friend, disciplinarian and savior at any given time. Creating a mentally harmonious workout environment is the coach's highest priority in order to get the most out of the athlete.

Coaching the Hurdles: Terminology
Hurdles terminology

Coaching the Hurdles: Cycle Training
The method of cycle training (variable effort training) is to adopt the principles of "diminish and return" whereas the elite level athlete can not train at maximum efficiency levels day in and day out. By varying the workload based on an athlete's ability to recover, the training regiment can produce maximum efforts without need to curtail quantity or quality.

Coaching the Hurdles: Static Hurdle Training
Lead Leg Drill
Rhythm Drill
Trail Leg Drill

Hurdle Workouts
Invented by Mr. Wilbur Ross, this drill is widely recognized as the single most important workout for the elite athlete during the competitive season.

110 and 100 Meter Hurdles - Drills and Training
These events and their indoor versions (55 or 60 meters) require athletes to negotiate barriers during a race. Athletes who are successful in these events will have the speed of your top sprinters and often are successful at jumping events, 200 meters and 4x100 meter relay legs. This article will discuss start differences between the sprints and hurdles, takeoff and hurdle clearance, workout variations, drills and training suggestions for different weeks. Because of the short distance to the first hurdle in both the men and women's races athletes need to be in an upright posture sooner than flat sprinters. Let's begin by looking at the start and getting your athletes into the blocks.

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