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Endurance Training

Coaching the 800/1500-1600
When coaching the 800-1600, the coach must find the right combination of both speed and endurance for that particular athlete. The coach must first determine if that athlete is a 400/800 type or a 800/1600 type.

Restoration and the Transitional Period Between Cross Country and Track Season
Restoration is a very important component of any exercise training program. Hans Selye, back in the 1950's, outlined the stress-adaptation syndrome of which recovery was a key to adaptation and compensation. Further research of Matveyev (USSR) and Harre (GDR) in the 1970's applied Selye's basic research in a stable and useable training philosophy. They applied work to recovery ratios to the training of athletes and establishing training cycles where exercise and recovery were theoretically quantified.

The Total Distance Runner
Many distance coaches have trouble getting their runners to enjoy track. Distance runners enjoy the wide open spaces of cross country running, but many feel confined by running continuously around a track. Ifthey become bored and lose interest it results in poor performances. Athletes who are great cross country runners may become only good or average track runners.
On the other side are middle distance runners who should be good cross country athletes, but don't perform up to their abilities. They feel intimidated by running 3 miles in cross country and bored by the daily distance runs. They see no point to distance workouts and would rather be on the track running shorter, faster intervals where they can see more progress.

Complete Speed Training

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