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Pole vault training

Management of risk in pole vaulting
Part of the process of learning to pole vault is learning to manage risk. It should be a big part of any pole vault education program. Many of the lessons learned in pole vaulting are parallel to those in life. Consider for a moment the way basic skills of reading, writing and math have such a large impact upon a student's later success. Now consider the way a vaulter's ability to run with and plant the pole also have a huge impact upon his later success. In both cases, his early lessons have a big impact upon later results. Perhaps the most important aspect of controlling risk in the pole vault, as in primary school, is environment.

Safe & Simple Pole Advancement
The task of advancing a pole vaulter to a higher rated or"stiffer" pole is always fraught with guesswork. It is never really based on objective or factual data. The decision is generally made after much intuitive observation of the athlete's progress in strength, speed, and a host of other factors.

Sorting Through Important Pole Vault Concepts
General Objectives
1. Usable speed at plant and takeoff
2. Height of the center of mass, of handhold and pole angle relative to vertical
3. Transition of horizontal velocity to vertical velocity
4. Pole speed to vertical

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