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Coaching the Hurdles: Terminology

Source: www.coacheseducation.com
By Tonie Campbell
Date: March, 2001

Lead Leg
1st leg over the hurdle. Usually this leg is in an out stretched position bent at the knee 20 degrees or more.

Trail leg
Trailing leg over the hurdle. Usually bent 90 degrees or more at the knee.

Arm Carriage
Position in which the arms must take during run.

Natural position of muscles at rest.

Term to describe the striking action of the foot.

European Style (hurdling style)
A more finesse style of hurdling with a 15 degree leading leg shoulder. Pro: more fluid with less wear on the body. Con: Less aggressive and often slower.

American Style (hurdling style)
A more aggressive style of hurdling. Effaced to the barrier, more compact. Pro: more violent and aggressive. Generally faster. Con: more wear and tear on body and harder to control.

Double Arm
Technique describing arm action over the hurdle at top speed.

Short Punch
Technique (higher level) of arm action at top speeds.

Shuttle Step
Technique (higher level) leg action in which the legs move across the ground in a "shuttle" fashion to conserve time and movement. Usually seen in taller athletes.

Training drill. Areas of training drill focused.

3 Step
Rhythm between hurdles in race mode.

5 Step
Training and warm-up rhythm.

7 Step
Number of steps to the first high hurdle. Starting style at high levels and for larger athletes.

8 Step
Number of steps to the first high hurdle. Normal starting style.

The aggression level, also the angle of attack.

Close in Drills
Hurdles set at 9 ? meters or less. 3 step 100% running start.

Refers to 5-step rhythm with jog between. (Endurance)

Up & Backs
1st 5 hurdles with running start, 2nd 5 hurdles with blocks. 15 seconds rest.

1/2 Drills
Half distance drills. 3 step @ 99.9% effort.

Speed Hurdles
3" lover, 9 1/2 meters, running start, sides then middle. 5 hurdles.

Running start 300 meters @ 99.9% effort. 6 min recovery.

Flying 100
Running start 100 meters @ 99.9% effort. 8 min recovery.

Relay 200
Interval work with group. 1 1/2 min recovery.

Short sprint interval with even distance jog between.

Cycle Training
Training routine broken up into weeks or months.

Levels of training to allow maximum recovery with optimum results.

Isometric exercises.

Water workouts.

Without the presence of oxygen. Timed recovery. Short rest. Quantity.

With the presence of oxygen. Full recovery. Long rest. Quality.

Heavy and slow in fall. Light and fast in spring.

Power Hurdler
One of 3 typical types of hurdlers. One that "bulls" his way through his race. Relying of brute strength.

Speed Hurdler
One of 3 typical types of hurdlers. One that relies heavily on his speed and quickness between the barriers.

One of 3 typical types of hurdlers. One that relies on superior techniques and smooth clean races. Capitalizing on the mistakes of his competitors.

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