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Contributions of the ankle and knee muscles to sprint starting.
Starting is an important component of the sprint race, especially the 100 m dash, since any errors made will affect a significant proportion of the race. The sprint start has been extensively analyzed yet there is little information available as to which muscle groups contribute to the motion, how much and how does each contribute, and in what order. It was the purpose of this research to investigate these aspects of sprint starting using link segment indirect dynamics.

The Sprint Start
Save as many split-seconds as you can on the start and you'll be in pretty good shape at the finish.

Sprint Mechanics
Viewing and reading this article about sprint mechanics and studying the photos of running form may improve your running speed, technique or coaching skills.

How much higher? How much faster?
An article about the limits of human body performance. It was published in Scientific American, 2000.

Training for the 400m (a review of the physiological factors of performance in the 400)
A review of the physiological factors of performance in the 400. The author does an excellent job of relating the physiological factors to the all-important aspect of race distribution

The Holy Grail in speed training
If coaches are going to train their sprinters like power lifters why not start with power lifters and train them to run faster? If it's just leg strength that makes a sprinter faster, we should recruit super heavyweight power lifters, work on their turnover rate, throw in some plyometrics, and finish off with some work out of the blocks. It would be easier than the current practice of blowing up a sprinter to look like the Michelin man (with or without drugs).
Sound ridiculous? Of course, but no more so than the current methods of speed training for sports which entirely misses the key to faster running--maintaining a delicate balance between strength gain and changes in bodyweight. It is the Holy Grail of sprinting, the most significant aspect to keep in mind when training for speed.

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