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Bolt only went all-out once this season

13 September 2008

By Gary Smith

New world sprint king, Usain Bolt, has confessed that he has only gone maximum speed once in all his races this season.

Bolt, a customary 200 metres speciallist, stepped down in early May to run the 100m in addition to his specialty and dominated both events all year.

The Jamaican blasted his way into the history books by becoming the first man to win the Olympic sprint double in world record times at the recently concluded Olympic Games last month.

But in spite of his successes Bolt admitted that he only went all out on one occasion.

"In only one in ten of my races do I go all out (this year)," Bolt was quoted as saying on Times Online website. "Why? I don't know."

After easily setting the world record to win the 100m title in Beijing and watching the race countless times on YouTube, Bolt decided the night before the 200m final that he would get from his comfort zone and produce one of those rare "all out races" with Michael Johnson's previous world mark in mind.

"The night before that 200 metres final I told my roommate, Maurice Smith, 'I'm going to leave everything out there on the track tomorrow,'" Bolt, who accomplished his ambition with a remarkable world record of 19.30 seconds afterwards, said.

"Yes, I have ditched training sometimes because my friends have been going to hang out somewhere. And yes, it's hard when you are young and sometimes you just do what you want to do.

"But for that 200 metres I also did what I wanted to do, I just kept on running.” It that a habit worth getting into? “It's a very decent habit indeed."

The 22-year-old became a star at a very young age. He was dominant during his high school days, which propelled him to become the youngest ever World Junior champion at just age 15. Since then Bolt has run unchallenged, which has resulted in the developing of "a bad habit."

"I think it's a bad habit, not very professional," he admitted. "Since I've been young I've been winning, so I got into the habit. I'm trying to break out of it.

"But when I really run all out, I'm going to be really tired. So if I see I'm going to win, I do stop and conserve energy."

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