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Powell's parents don't like him dancing

10 October 2008

By Gary Smith


While thousands of jubilant fans globally celebrated the recent exhibitions of Jamaican sprint ace Asafa Powell doing the newest Jamaican dance moves, Gully Creeper and Nuh Linga, his parents his parents do not approve his flaunts.


Powell and fellow countryman Usain Bolt, the man who supplanted him as the world 100 metres record holder earlier this year before landing the sprint double in Beijing, entertained a large audience in a dance-off during their celebration of a fruit Olympic Games.


However, Reverend William Powell and Cislyn, Asafa's parents and co-pastors of a non-denominational church in Linstead, Jamaica, have never permitted their children to attend dances and clubs and are praying that their he will not fall into the luxury of doing these popular dancehall moves.


"I just don't like the dancing. Everything else makes me happy, is the dancing I don't love," Cislyn Powell said recently. "It makes me sad because I have a congregation that I have to preach to, and I don't enjoy seeing him out there like that.


"God gave him those feet to bring joy to the world, but not in that form of dancing. We don't want 'Nuh Linga', we just want Jesus."


Under the disco lights on stage the shouts for more moves echoed to the two fastest men of all-time. But while the crowd was thrilled by the new display of Powell, his father, William sees no future in it and wants his son to just go back to being himself.


"We just want him to be the same Asafa that we know," the Reverend said in the Jamaica Star. "He started out with Christ, and we want him to stay with Him.

"If Asafa don't dance, it won't kill him, so we just want him to remain the same."


According reports, Powell, who anchored Jamaica to a world record time of 37.10 seconds in the 4x100 relay in Beijing, has decided to obey the wishes of his parents, following a heart-to-heart talk with his mother after last Saturday's Olympic gala in Kingston.

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