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Fasuba sees hope for Nigeria's athletics

2 July 2008

African fastest man and 60metre world champions, Olusoji Fasuba has ahead of the forthcoming summer Olympic in Beijing, China, predicted a bright future for Nigeria's athletics.

Fasuba was on Monday, June 23 at the Abuja National Stadium beat by Nigerian's new sensational sprinter, Adetoyi Durotoye in 100 metre race of the Abuja Athletics Grand Pride.

Before the tournament, Fasuba who led the legion of foreign-base stars to the one day event was predicted to dust others, but against expectation the Nigeria base Adetoyi ran in a record of 10.14 seconds to shock Fasuba, Deji Aliyu, Uchenna Emedolu and other foreign base top stars.

In a chat with Leaderships Sunday Sports shortly after he had ran in a record time of 10:18 seconds to finish second behind the low rated Adetoyi, Fasuba said; "It gives joy and encouragement to see young athlete coming up to show their skills and beat people like us in a race.

"It shows that Nigeria's hope for medal in Olympics or any international competition is no longer pending on Fasuba alone because only one cannot carry the hope of the entire nation.

"So, I have nothing to worry about the defeat rather it gave me joy and encouragement, because what this means is that the future of Nigeria's athletics is bright and Nigeria is greater than Olusoji Fasuba," he predicted.

Fasuba, who made double history this year with his 60m title winning feat in Valencia during IAA 7 World Championship and his back-to-back win for the third of the African Athletics Championship held recently at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, told Leaderships Sunday Sports that even as his personal performance has dropped, he is sure of meeting his target at Beijing Olympics.

"This is athletics for you. Today you are there and tomorrow syou are not, but I don't think this will affect my performance, in Olympic. I am training hard everyday and I hope to make up before the Olympic," he assured.

The Africa's fastest man who refused to comment on the Nigeria's preparation for the forthcoming Beijing Olympics, however called the Nigerians sports authority to provide enabling environment that will help the upcoming athletes discover their full talents.

"I don't know, I am an athlete and everybody has job. My job as an athlete is to get myself prepare and train for Olympic game. So I can't answer any question that has to do with administrative work, because I am not an administrator.

"But all I need to say, let the government encourage and support the young upcoming talents, who are ready to make Nigeria proud," he advised.

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