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Bolts says he's the best

21 July 2008

By Gary Smith

Jamaica's Usain Bolt said on Friday that his performances this summer have proven that he is the best sprinter in world.

Bolt, the World 100-metre record holder, at 9.72 seconds, believes his record breaking run in New York -- backed up by some scintillating performances before and after the feat have surely puts him on top of the chart sprinting this season.

"I proved myself to be the fastest in the world with my World record, so I guess I’m the best," Bolt said in an interview on the IAAF website.

At the Jamaica Championships in Kingston, last month where the pair had warned that the clash would not have been a showdown, Bolt beat Asafa Powell to win the national crown in what many believe was just a toy run.

However, the 21-year-old promised that things would be a lot different in Stockholm when they clash at the DN Galan Tuesday night.

"This is a bit different to the Jamaican trials where we went out to qualify for the Olympics," he said.

"Here we are going out as competitors. We are each going there (DN Galan) to win definitely.

"Anybody who wins [Tuesday] will get the stadium record because if the sun’s out and the weather is good then it's going to be a fast time."

Bolt's manager Ricky Simms had also promised that match up will produce something fast.

"I expect the Stockholm race to be fast," Simms said in an electronic interview last week.

"Asafa likes to get out of the blocks fast and Usain is very good in the final 50m," he added.

Meanwhile, Powell, who has been bothered by injures since the beginning of the year, echoed these statements

"Usian and I are going to go out there to really put on a great show, and hopefully we can run some really fast times,” Powell said.

Powell added that someone will have bragging rights after Tuesday, but also confirmed that he wants be careful

"Someone has to win and hopefully it will be me," he said. "I’ve been working very hard and I'm in good shape to run fast but how fast I don’t know.

"A season’s best should be fine."

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