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Track time is not for chit-chats, says Campbell-Brown

31 May 2008

By Gary Smith

Olympic 200-metre champion Veronica Campbell-Brown said when it comes to competition time there is no time for friendly chit-chats. The Jamaican made it clear that track time is all about business, adding that her competitors are all going after the same glory she is vying for.

“There are no friends on the track. Its business when you're on the track,” Campbell-Brown said on Thursday. “If your twin sister is in the race your aim is to beat her. Everyone wants to win. We are all competitors.

“For me, I just focus on what I have to do to win the race. I focus and sometimes there are things that happen which I don't even know about.

“The person that is mentally focused most of the time is going to be the one to cross that line first. It’s business,” she added.

Campbell-Brown was the most successful female athlete at the Athens Olympic Games in Greece four years ago, winning gold in the 200m and 4x100 relay, as well as taking bronze in the 100m behind surprise champion Yuliya Nesterenko of Belarus and Lauryn Williams (USA).

However, despite those achievements, the Caribbean star wants improvement at the Beijing Olympic Games, which is set for China in August.

“I feel like I need to surpass what I accomplished at the last Olympics,” she said. “I'm working very hard to make sure I'm first in Beijing.

“My success feels good. It's part of the sport. Whenever you accomplish your goals, it's a good feeling.
“I have a duty to perform. I'm training very hard and I'm looking forward to Beijing.”

Campbell-Brown came back from some rough patches to run a blinding closing 50m to win gold in the 100m at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan, last year and though she felt confident that her late surge did enough to secure the gold, the Jamaican admits to being nervous before the decision.

“Those five minutes (of waiting for the results) were very nerve-wracking. I was so nervous and I kept my fingers crossed, hoping I had won.

“I thought I won, but I wasn't sure. In the middle of the race, I realized I was okay and then I surged at the end.”

Last season Campbell-Brown, a former Arkansas superstar, trained without her coach Lance Brauman, who was sentenced to one year in prison for embezzlement, theft and mail fraud. She said those times were difficult to stay motivated on a daily basis, but now that she is back under guidance, her preparation has been going much better.

“Last year was a bit different; it was a bit hard to do workouts without my coach there. It's much better right now with my coach there. My training is going well.”

The new Caribbean sprint queen will take on a quality field at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York on Saturday and she knows any slipups could cost her the number one place.

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