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Campbell-Brown delighted with her performance after warm-up incident

2 June 2008

By Gary Smith

After recovering from a slight warm-up scare where she crashed into another athlete warming up for their event, Jamaica’s Veronica Campbell-Brown said she was just happy to come out injury free and put down a big-time performance in the wet conditions at the Icahn Stadium in New York City, Saturday night.

No real setback after scare

During her preparation to match strides with her rivals in the women’s 100m, Campbell-Brown, going through her regular wind sprints, collided with someone and fell on her shoulder. The incident, however, did not turn out to be too major for the world champion, who returned moments later to run a world-leading time for 2008.

“I want to thank God that I was able to come out and run a really good time here tonight,” Campbell-Brown said after defending her title with another spectacular performance.

“During my warm-up I ran into somebody and fell and hit my shoulder,” she explained, “but I just said this was just another obstacle and it won’t get in my way [for the victory].

“It happens. I am just thankful to God that I was able to come out and run a very good race in front of the supporters,” she added.

The rain is one of her favourite times

The Olympic champion did fend off what she described as a minor obstacle to win the women’s dash in a 2008 best of 10.91-seconds, removing her own meet record of 10.93, which she ran a year ago.

Rain delayed the start of the meeting for an hour and then forced the athletes off the track for another 40 minutes after the meeting began, because of a bad lightning storm. The conditions, however, did not affect Campbell-Brown’s preparation and she said running in wet conditions is one of her favourite times.

“I love the rain,” she said. “The weather was okay. When I ran my PR, it was pouring.”

Right on schedule

If you compare 2007 and 2008 seasons, it will show that Campbell-Brown at this moment is dead on with her performance. Her 10.91 in defeat to American Torri Edwards in Carson, at the adidas Track Classics came earlier, but the time was never improved until the Jamaica Championships in June.

Following those stats, the Olympic 200m champion from Athens, said she wanted to go faster at Reebok this season, and that she did.

“I'm running good right now. My object was to run faster than I did last year. I accomplished that and I'm happy.

“I felt great. I think it was a really good race. I'm so happy to come in and execute the race as planned.”

Campbell-Brown said she loves to compete in New York and after her victory she saluted the crowd who waved Jamaican flags continuously throughout the night.

“New York is one of my favourite places to compete,” she said. “The crowd is excellent and they give me a lot of energy as usual.

“I really appreciate all their support. I am really overwhelmed.”

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