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'Bolt is clean as a whistle' says coach Glen Mills

4 June 2008

By Gary Smith

Glen Mills, the coach of Jamaican 100-metres world record holder Usain Bolt said, despite the current dilemma in the world of athletics these days, with so many of the sport’s top athletes being busted for cheating, he is 100-percent sure the world’s fastest-man is clean.

Bolt, the new world record holder with a sparkling 9.72-seconds, achieved at the weekend, has denied taking any form of enhancing drugs and has never failed a drug test, but with track and field going through a predicament these days, every world class performance will raise eyebrows.

Mills, a well known Jamaican sprint coach who coached the likes of St. Kitts and Nevis’ former world champion Kim Collins and Raymond Stewart, one of the country’s most successful sprinters, is well aware of the list of top athletes losing their credibility after running fast, but he said the current inquiries about Bolt is no worries.

“We know questions are inevitable given the revelations in the sport,” said Mills, who in the last year or so was one of the names calling to also coach Asafa Powell as well.

“But that doesn’t trouble us for two reasons. One, there is a thing called conscience. Two, Usain doesn’t even want to take vitamin C.”

At the fourth annual Reebok Grand Prix at the Icahn Stadium on Randalls Island in New York City, on Saturday, Bolt demolished a strong field in the men’s 100m to break Powell’s previous world mark by .02-seconds. As soon as the new world record time was flashed on the score board there were murmurs about testing.

“We know Bolt is as clean as a whistle,” said Mills, who told Bolt during his warm-ups that he had it in him to lower the record.

Meanwhile, last week Powell said it was upsetting him to see how cheaters have scarred the reputation of track and field, but he knows at the moment it’s something athletes have to work it. He added that as soon as an athlete runs fast it raises eyebrows and this is killing the sport.

"It’s not my fault that people are saying that if someone has run very fast, he must be on drugs...it’s making it bad for us athletes now,” Powell said.

"It upsets me when athletes go the other way, the wrong way, because there are athletes out there who compete with their natural ability.

"But when people say that athletes who run fast are on drugs, it is something you have to live with. There is nothing I can do about it."

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