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Chambers to meet anti-doping boss

2 April 2008

By Matt Slater

Dwain Chambers will meet Britain's anti-doping chief later this month to pass on inside knowledge to help the fight against drugs cheats.

Confirmation of the meeting follows claims by UK Sport's John Scott that the shamed sprinter had not done enough to help the anti-doping cause.

But Chambers' lawyer Nick Collins has since called Scott to arrange talks.

"Collins made contact on Friday and a meeting has been pencilled in for this month," a UK Sport spokesman said.

"We welcome the approach and look forward to talking things through."

Chambers, who has just started a month-long trial with rugby league's Castleford Tigers, completed a two-year drugs ban from athletics in 2005.

Scott told BBC Sport last month "informal feelers" had been put out to the 29-year-old athlete since his most recent return to the track but there had been no response.

UK Sport's director of drug-free sport added that testing regimes had much to learn from Chambers, as those already caught could provide information on when best to test suspected cheats.

Scott pointed to Scottish cyclist David Millar as an example of an athlete who had rehabilitated his reputation after a drugs ban by committing himself to the anti-doping effort.

But Collins, who is preparing Chambers' anticipated legal challenge to a lifetime Olympic ban, reacted angrily to Scott's suggestion his client was only talking a good game when it came to running clean.

Speaking to BBC One's Inside Sport programme on Monday, the Leeds-based Collins said: "There has been no formal approach.

"John Scott's comments last week were a little disappointing because he said he'd made contact - or Dwain hadn't made contact - to discuss things. That's not true.

"In fact, I rang his office on Friday and said 'we're available, we'd like to meet'. As far as I'm aware, unless the phone has rung today, we've had no response whatsoever."

That has since changed and now Chambers' long-awaited sit-down with Britain's anti-doping agency can finally go ahead.

Collins refused to be drawn on what Chambers, who was caught by the US anti-doping authorities in a test administered in London in 2003, would reveal to Scott but it is clear UK Sport will want full disclosure of what drugs Chambers was on, when he took them and what effects they had.

It is believed Chambers, who won a fine silver medal in the 60m at the World Indoor Championships last month, is willing to supply this information, and co-operate in any way he can, in order to boost his chances of competing for Britain at this summer's Olympics.

Despite his much-publicised tilt at Super League, Chambers says he still wants to overturn his British Olympic Association ban and go to Beijing.

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