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Chambers still keen on Olympics

31 March 2008

Controversial sprinter Dwain Chambers says he still wants to compete at this summer's Olympic Games despite starting a month's trial in rugby league.

Chambers, who joined Super League strugglers Castleford on Monday, is banned from competing in Beijing by a British Olympic Association by-law.

He said: "I would like to get to Beijing - I'm getting on and this may be my last chance.

"The Olympics is the pinnacle. We're not ruling out 2012 either."

Chambers' solicitor, Nick Collins, said: "It's always been a very realistic aim we will be going there (Beijing).

"There's been some very encouraging comments from people outside the BOA saying they have no problem with Dwain.

"We wouldn't take it (an appeal) on if we didn't think there would be a reasonable chance of success. It's likely."

Chambers, who served a two-year drugs ban in athletics after admitting taking banned steroid THG, has never played rugby league before.

He said: "My only experience of rugby is the photoshoot the other day with the ball in my hand.

"But I'm a tough nut. I'm willing to go out there and try what the sport entails. There's a risk but I'm open to that.

"I believe I'll be targeted, but I've been targeted all my life.

"I'm taking lots of punches and blows for what happened, but I'm a competitor at heart so I just want to go out there and have some fun.

"We have got a strategy - we have got it all planned out. This is just one of many options that have presented itself at the moment."

Castleford coach Terry Matterson admitted that it would be difficult for Chambers to make the grade.

"He hasn't played before, and it is going to be a tough ask, no doubt about that. But there's an opportunity. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Club manager Michael Robinson insisted that Castleford were taking the trial seriously.

"It was never mentioned as a publicity stunt," he said.

"It was made clear from day one there is no money changing hands between Dwain and the club in the first month."

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