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Olympic chief to take on Chambers

13 March 2008

British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman Lord Moynihan says he will do everything in his power to make sure Dwain Chambers does not run in Beijing.

The BOA banned the British sprinter from the Olympics for life after he tested positive for THG in 2003.

The 29-year-old is considering a legal challenge in the High Court in order to make the British Olympic team.

But Moynihan said: "There will be no room for cheats in the British team as long as I am involved with the BOA."

Earlier this month, former World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) boss Dick Pound told BBC Sport that he thought the BOA by-law would be vulnerable to a legal challenge.

The BOA is the only national Olympic association in the world to have a by-law banning athletes convicted of a serious doping offence from the Games.

There have been 26 successful appeals against the lifetime ban over the last 16 years, but nobody has challenged the actual legality of the rule in the courts.

It had been suggested that Chambers might meet with the BOA to agree a compromise, but Moynihan is adamant that could never happen.

"There are absolutely no grounds whatsoever for compromise," he said.

"I will robustly and vigorously defend our by-laws in the interest of all the athletes who seek to represent us both in this generation and future generations - and I'm not going to trade that in for any financial interest.

"We will pay whatever is necessary to have top lawyers represent us and put the strongest case in support of that ban.

"What matters is the principle - we will send a clean team to Beijing and there will be no room for doping cheats."

Chambers served a two-year ban from athletics, but - after an unsuccessful stint in American Football - he claimed the silver medal in the 60m final at the World Indoor Championships last week.

He has hinted he may quit athletics altogether if his way forward in the sport is blocked.

But Moynihan is unrepentant in his opposition to Chambers running in Beijing.

He said: "Mr Chambers has been clear that he was aware of the implications and now has the opportunity to make a challenge.

"But if anyone is implying there is a way I can sit down with him, somehow select him and ignore the by-law then forget it. Completely."

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