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Tyson Gay’s media conference for Zurich - Golden League

5 September 2007


“I did not practice on the new track yet, but I heard it is dead fast. Anything under ten seconds will satisfy me when I take into account how I feel after my tough programme at the World Championships. I still feel a little sore, slightly tired. I need concentrate a lot also mentally after fulfilling my goals in Osaka.

“It is also my first Golden League of the year. That is because of my planning as the previous meets did not fit well into my schedule. I have excellent memories at Zurich, I ran here last year my best in world record race, I m very thankful for that. I m not sure about my next races after Zurich, there are maybe two or three still to come. I may even run a 200 m. I should be in Brussels, but I cannot confirm the event. For the moment I can?t say.


“Everybody is asking about the world record. It will come when it should come. I know I can do it, but I cannot tell when it will happen. Specially the 200 m record is one of the best records in our sport, but I think it possible to break it, you just need to have the right conditions, weather and wind. Even having Asafa in such a 200 would be a help along with Wallace or Xavier. For me gold medals are more important than records.

“In my heart the special event remains the 200 m. In will continue to try to break also the record at 100 m, but here the wind plays a big role taking into account that I m not a huge sprinter.


“The gold medals from Osaka are meaning a lot, I m now part of the group of privileged sprinters who did the same as Maurice Greene or Carl Lewis. My best races so far technically? I think the 100 m final in Osaka and 200 im in Lausanne. I still want to be good in both sprints, that is something what separates the good and great sprinters. My popularity in America after Osaka?

“I really do not know, I must return, then I will tell you. I think in my home town it will be special. But otherwise I m not sure. Friends are telling me there is a lot about me in newspapers, some text messages are coming. In our country the people do not understand well what does mean to win World Championships, they know only Olympic Games. I will get more from the feeling that I am world champion when I will meet my family, my coach, close friends.


“For future I need to work on my start, but also will include som 400 m races to get more strenghth. I tried one this indoor season, it felt easy, but I expected a time under 47 seconds. Next year although there is World Indoor Championships I will not focus on indoor because this season is long and I need to have enough time to prepare for Olympics. My coach is moving to Orlando, Florida, so me, Veronica Campbell and the group will go with him.


“I have now more respect for media. I had in past week only one question about doping and many about my races and times. That is a very good feeling. Who would like to speak about the darker side of our sport. Today I got the second in long term. I had several tests in the past months I can assure you, even the day before the 100 m in Osaka.

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