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`The best is yet to come` - Brooks` camp buzzing with confidence

2 July 2007

By Gary Smith

A little over a year ago, Sheri Ann Brooks was just a name, hardly recognised by followers of track and field in world. Yes, she was excellent when winning the 200m at the NCAA in 2005, but she was not one of the premier standouts in the sprint events during her colligate years at Florida International.

Now getting it right - The best is yet to come

The Jamaican sprinter, however, has now made significant inroads on both the national and international circuit, thanks to the growth in her maturity, and her agent Kris Mychasiw believes the Commonwealth Games champion has a lot more to offer as the season develops.

“I have said in the past, the best is yet to come from this young rising star,” Mychasiw told Caribbean Net News, while noting that the general public should not have been too surprised to see Brooks’ progression.

“This year will be a big year for Sheri Ann. At this point we are well on our way to accomplishing our goals for the season.

"After last season, we sat down and discussed how we could make her season longer as she performed very well in the start of the season by winning Commonwealth Games and slowly quieted off," Mychasiw said.

"We ran too much too soon last year and weren't ready for the entire season. Once the season concluded we had a list of things to work on, strength and speed, both of which Sheri-Ann worked on very much in the early season with her coach Marlon Malcolm.

"There is an old saying that hard work pays off, and that is exactly what we are seeing now," he added.

Coach Malcolm optimistic too...

Speaking with Coach Malcolm after a training session in Florida, he too believes Brooks is well on course to land her best season yet, but added that young Jamaican is still learning the art of sprinting.

“She (Brooks) is in a building process,” Malcolm said during a telephone interview with Caribbean Net News on Saturday. “There were things that she needed to work on that never allowed her to run as fast as she wanted last year.

“However, what I got to understand is that she has mastered those things this year and as she goes along perfecting the new technique of sprinting, she will run better as the time progresses,” Malcolm added.

And time is on her side

At the beginning of the season the target for Brooks was to run personal bests, and that she accomplished at the Jamaica National Championships in Kingston, two weekends ago.

Most impressive was the 11.05 second she ran to improve her personal best from 11.19 in finishing third to Olympic 200m champion Veronica Campbell in the women's 100m, and Mychasiw said with time the sprinter's bests will continue to get faster.

"Any time Sheri-Ann places well and sets a new personal best we are more than happy," Mychasiw said. "The goal for the season as she mentioned early in Dakar was to run sub 11.

"We still have a lot of time to accomplish this and the 11.05 she ran (at the championships) in Jamaica is sign that her program is working.

"There is no use rushing, step by step the times will continue to drop, and if a sub 11 is in those cards before August great, but we are not losing any sleep over it.

"We are very happy with what she has accomplished this year with strong performances in Dakar, Qatar, Brazil, Oslo and Jamaica what else could we ask for?

It’s all about Jamaica - Brooks would make way if Simpson is ready

Brooks, who trains in the warm conditions in Florida with the Zion Track Club, has earned her spot to run in both the 100m and 200m at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan, after finishing third in both events at the Jamaica championships.

However, Malcolm said if Sherone Simpson, who missed the Jamaica championships because of a hip injury, returns to form and wants to compete, Brooks is ready to make way in the half-lap to accommodate the 2006 world fastest woman in both sprints.

“If Simpson comes back she will definitely make way for her in the 200m,” Malcolm said. “It’s all about what’s best for Jamaica.

“Where Worlds is concerned, Sheri-Ann prefers to run the 100m. So the bottom-line is if Simpson wants to run the 200m she will definitely make way for that. It’s all what’s best for the country when the time comes.”

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