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Millrose Games begin, end indoor chapters

6 February 2007

Gail Devers discusses her Millrose Games hurdles victory and her future plans. Gail Devers discusses her Millrose Games hurdles victory and her future plans.
By Dave Ungrady

Gail Devers did more than defy her age by winning the 60-meter hurdles Friday night in a more-than-respectable 7.86 seconds at the Millrose Games. During the postrace press conference, she exuded the youthful exuberance of a teenager who scored free tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert.

Devers talked with media while her 19-month old daughter Karsen sat on her lap and occasionally played with the microphone. The 40-year-old sprinter chatted energetically about starting a new clothing line, working in her new role as manager/coach/agent for Danielle Carruthers -- who finished third in the race -- and determining her future in the sport.

"I have absolutely no plans," she said Friday night. "I suppose if somebody calls and says I have to have you in this race, and if the money was right, I would probably do it. I say 40 is the new 20. I honestly believe that. My body responds that way. At 40, I don't care how old I am, my goal is to win the race. I'm willing to pull every muscle in my body to get to that finish."

Devers did not compete in 2005. In 2006, after training for only a month, she competed in the Millrose Games and finished fourth -- about seven months after giving birth.

At the press conference, she also talked about how she would like to create modeling and fashion opportunities for Carruthers and about the coaching dynamic with her pupil.

"My intention was when Danielle [Carruthers] came to me and said I want what you have -- longevity in the sport -- I told my husband I have to take her on," she said. "I pick her to be the next [star], to be here forever. She's learning patience. She is like me. She wants everything yesterday."

Earlier, Carruthers said of Devers, "This is my sensei, I am grasshopper."

Caruthers, the 2005 U.S. indoor champion in the 60-meter hurdles, is learning to separate the congenial and competitive elements of their relationship.

"We warmed up together, just like practice," Carruthers said of Friday's race. "But when we get on the line, it's sudden death. It's war."

Millrose marks Greene's last race of season: If the Millrose Games was a war, then Maurice Greene was wounded in battle. Greene, who didn't compete last year, ran barely half of the 60-meters before falling in a race for the first time in his career. He said he is feeling only lingering soreness from the fall.

He also said will not compete in any more indoor meets this year.

"That was the only indoor meet I was going to compete in," he wrote. "Now I'm going back to training and get ready for outdoors. I got what I needed out of that meet, just to get my competitive energy going again and now that I have it I can't wait until I hit the track again. I feel like the rest of the year will be good. My first 100-meters will be under 10.00 this year."

Webb to search for redemption in Arkansas: Alan Webb, a decorated distance favorite, will attempt to recover from a disappointing fourth place finish in the Wanamaker Mile by competing this weekend in the 3,000 meters at the Tyson's Invitational in Arkansas. He initially had entered the mile, but, according to Webb's coach Scott Raczko, they believed the change will benefit him from an "overdistance" race.

That benefit will be essential to bounce back from what Webb told the Washington Post was a "mental breakdown" in the Millrose race, which he finished in 4:04.86 -- this after running an indoor personal best of 3:55.18 at the Boston Indoor Games.

In the Tyson race, Webb is scheduled to face Irishman Alistair Craig, the European indoor champion at 3,000 meters and a former runner with the University of Arkansas. American Chris Lukezic, Webb's training partner who finished third in the Wanamaker Mile, also will compete.

Lagat follows fifth victory with Karlsruhe event: Bernard Lagat, who won his fifth Millrose Wanamaker Mile on Friday, will compete in an LBBW indoor meet Sunday in Karlsruhe, Germany, one of two IAAF indoor meets this weekend in Europe. The other is the Reunion Internacional Atletismo in Valencia, Spain, which is part of the IAAF indoor Grand Prix circuit. The meet will be broadcast on WCSN.com.

Lagat had considered running in the Tyson meet this weekend, but opted instead for the Germany meet to compete in a 1,000-meter race.

"We wanted to get him here in Europe as soon as possible to avoid jet lag before the next meet in Birmingham, [England]," James Templeton, Lagat's agent, said. "One-thousand meters is a bit short for him, but he should be quite relaxed."

Templeton added that Lagat, the indoor 3,000 meter world champion in 2004, hopes to run an American record in that event at the Norwich Union Grand Prix in Birmingham on Feb. 17. The Birmingham indoor meet will be Lagat's last indoor competition in 2007. There is no indoor world championships meet scheduled this year.

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