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Completing a Triathlon This Summer?

28 May 2014

Triathlons are similar to a marathon but they are split into 3 stages of different endurance challenges. Traditionally a triathlon will involve running, swimming and cycling - itís a real test of pure determination and ability. The ultimate triathlon is Ironman, which is held in different places around the world. If you are completing a triathlon this summer then follow our 5 steps below to make sure that you finish with a successful result.

1. Inspire Yourself

Speak to other triathlon runners and be inspired by their stories and advice. If you do not have contact with any triathlon runners then read some blogs and see if there are any about the triathlon that youíre running.

2. Train Yourself

Training before a triathlon is crucial, especially if you are not used to strenuous sports activities or your fitness is not at a high level. At the start you need to focus on figuring out your capability and strengths. Itís a good idea to pace yourself so that you build up your strength and donít inflict an injury at the beginning of your training. Is there anyone that you know who may want to run the triathlon with you? Training with others can have great motivational effects.

3. Hydrate Yourself

During the summer it is important to keep your body well hydrated and drink plenty, especially when you are engaging in exercise and training.

4. Challenge Yourself

If youíre planning on completing a triathlon, then you need to put challenges and goals in place to improve your running style and time. This could involve running in different weather conditions, on different tracks or setting different time targets. For example, if you will be completing your triathlon during the summer time you will need to practise running and cycling in high temperatures. This doesnít mean that you canít pace yourself at the start but once your endurance builds stay motivated by challenging yourself.

5. Invest in Yourself

You will need to invest in some streamline sportswear to get the best results during each challenge. High Octane Sport have triathlon 2XU wetsuit gear for both men and women as well as compression tights and other accessories to kit you out for each stage of the competition. With some triathlons you wonít have breaks inbetween each stage, so itís important to have a clothing you can change into quickly or wear multipurpose gear.

Share your triathlon experiences with us - it would be great to hear any tips and advice that you have.

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