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7 May 2014

Summer Running

Everybody knows that you are only as good as your workout plan so it goes without saying that to be a top class runner you have to have a top class training regime that is varied, progressive and accessible. So whether you are wanting to train for a 5k, half or even full marathon read on for some top training tips.

Varied Workout

There are many reasons for ensuring that your workout is a varied one but the two most obvious ones are to avoid boredom and to ensure that you are working out your whole body. Very few exercise are a true full body workout despite how they may be marketed by fitness centres and gyms wanting you to try out the latest fad. Swimming is the closest there is and it's great for strengthening, flexibility, stamina and cardio training.

However boredom there is simply no getting around and if you are bored during your workout then you will either lose focus, motivation or both. Keep things feeling fresh and at their most beneficial for your body by varying between strength, toning, cardio and flexibility training; mixing up classes such as yoga and pilates with spin classes and high impact aerobics. And don't underestimate the importance of resistance training as strong muscles will protect your joints from the impact of clocking up the miles on your feet.

Progressive Workout

Having a progressive workout is important for any runner but is particularly important if you are new to running or if you are trying to build up to a different speed or length of run. A good way to work out a programme is by putting one together in close partnership with someone who is already achievieng what you are aiming to do. You can also try out joining a running club or working on HIIT training to boost your power.

Accessible Workout

It is just as important for you to be able to access your workout as it is to be able to do it day in day out at a progressive rate. After all if you can't get to the gym during opening hours or you get stuck in rush hour traffic attending a running club then you are very soon going to start lacking motivation and soon thereafter simply stop going.

Break the cycle by sourcing high quality equipment for at home from specialists such as www.fitnesswarehouseuk.com to avoid having any excuses for not catching some cardio or working on your strength. Source local running groups that are closer to home and maybe even consider switching gyms if your current one is hard or impractical to get to.

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