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Powell, Bolt saddened by Jamaican positive test reports

24 July 2009

By Susan Porter, World-Track

LONDON ó Jamaican sprint aces Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell believes the news that five Jamaican athletes have been tested positive is a big blow to the sport and indeed to the nation.

No names have yet been listed, but the two were not concerned about it, as they are confident it is not them.

All the reports from the local media suggested that the top elite sprinters were not among those in questioned.

"Iím not sure who it is yet, Iím sure itís not me so Iím not really worried," Bolt told reporters after winning his 100m race in London on Friday. "If itís someone from my group I donít know, I canít comment.

"Definitely itís sad to know there are still drugs (in the sport) but for me it doesnít really matter, as long as Iím clean Iím just going forward."

Bolt, who set world records when winning his three races when the Jamaicans dominated the sprint events at the Olympics in Beijing last summer, said the news was not good for his country, but at the same time it proves that if people try to cheat they will get caught.

"Itís sad for the sport because the sport was getting on so well, I was trying to bring it back. This is probably a step backwards because people start questioning everybody, especially from Jamaica.

"For me it doesnít matter because I will be going out there, day after day, doing my best. I get tested all the time. It shows that people get tested and they get caught if they are on drugs.

"Sometimes you move forward and you take one step back. Itís hard but Iím trying my best to push the sport forward. I think after a while people will notice that you canít get away with it and theyíll stop, but for now I guess we canít do anything about it."

Powell, the former 100 metres world record holder was also sadden by the news, but was also undisturbed.

"Itís their bad luck," said Powell, who finished a disappointing sixth place behind Bolt in the 100m at the Aviva London Grand Prix at Crystal Palace Friday evening. "Itís not for me to worry about, it doesnít affect me one bit.

"People might be saying bad stuff now but it doesnít really bother me."

In Fridayís headline event at Crystal Palace, Powell crinkled to sixth in 10.26 after getting a solid start.

The defeat meant that he loss his three year reign to Bolt who cruised to 9.91 seconds for the victory.

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