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Johnson is lying - Bolt

30 November 2008

Michael Johnson, track & fieldís legend, said he did not feel anyway when he loss his world 200m record, but his predecessor Usain Bolt doesnít believe him for a minute.


Shortly after Boltís blistering 19.30 seconds run, which lowered Johnsonís 12-year-old mark of 19.32, the former American star of the track said he did not feel any way.


"I can not understand why people donít understand that I donít feel bad Ö its not a title, its not offer my name," Johnson told journalists who asked about his feelings shortly after the Olympic 200m final in Beijing.


However, Bolt doesnít believe Johnson was telling the truth.

"I know he was lying," Bolt, who also won the 100m in a world record 9.69sec, told journalists at a press conference at the Fairmont hotel.


"I am sure Johnson thought his 19.32 would have been there for a longer time," added Bolt.


In Beijing Johnson had said breaking a world record is an accomplishment Ö "and so that is the greatest thing about breaking a world record and not holding on (to it) after you have finished and not out there competing".


Bolt also hinted he will be trying to improve on his times next year, especially after his successes in 2008.

"Everyone will be gunning for me, but that will only push me to do better," he said.


Although not hiding from the fact he eyes the double at the World Championships in Berlin, Germany, Bolt that is not his main target.

"I have not yet set myself any goal, but to stay on top," he added.

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