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Completing a Triathlon This Summer?

28 May 2014

Triathlons are similar to a marathon but they are split into 3 stages of different endurance challenges. Traditionally a triathlon will involve running, swimming and cycling - it’s a real test of pure determination and ability. The ultimate triathlon is Ironman, which is held in different places around the world. Read Full Story...

Marathon Training for the Rookie Runner

15 May 2014

For most new runners, the successful completion of a marathon is generally the first initial goal—especially if running competitively. However, jumping right into a full-fledged marathon might end up being a case of “biting off more than you can chew.”

With enough commitment and the proper training though, a marathon is an easily attainable goal to pursue. In fact, if you’re serious about participating in a marathon, then here are a few generalized tips to get you on the right path, figuratively and literally! Read Full Story...

Fat Birds Don’t Fly Limited - When 2 Wheels are better than four: Becoming a Performance Cyclist

8 May 2014

While the London Olympics may have cost an estimated £9 billion of public money, this was widely considered to be an appropriate use of capital. This is because the social impact of the Games was truly immense, as it created a genuine feel-good factor throughout the nation and also inspired the next generation of performance athletes. The decision to become a performance athlete is a complex and far-reaching one, however, both in terms of selecting a desired discipline and preparing yourself for the challenges of competition. Read Full Story...

Fitness Warehouse Ltd

7 May 2014

Everybody knows that you are only as good as your workout plan so it goes without saying that to be a top class runner you have to have a top class training regime that is varied, progressive and accessible. So whether you are wanting to train for a 5k, half or even full marathon read on for some top training tips. Read Full Story...

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce wins outdoors 60m in Jamaica

25 January 2014

Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce won the 60m dash (outdoor) at The Queen’s/Grace Jackson Meet – a local meet held on Saturday to open her season.
Fraser-Pryce, who said she plans to run at the upcoming IAAF World Indoor Championships, clocked 7.11 seconds (+0.4m/s) to take the win.
The Jamaican, who holds a personal indoor best of 7.04secs in the event, set in Stockholm, last February, wanted to see how well her training was going in preparation for the Worlds, which will be held in Sopot Poland, from March 7-9. Read Full Story...

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