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Track and Field Athletes.

Sydney 2000

Konstantinos Kenteris
Maurice Greene
Marion Jones
Cathy Freeman

Atlanta 1996

Michael Johnson
Gail Devers
Frankie Fredericks
Donovan Bailey
Marie-Jose Perec

Barcelona 1992

Linford Christie
Mike Marsh
Gwen Torrence
Quincy D. Watts

Seoul 1988

Florence Griffith Joyner
Steven Earl "Steve" Lewis

Los Angeles 1984

Carl Lewis
Evelyn Ashford
Valerie Brisco-Hooks
Alonzo C. Babers

Moscow 1980

Allan Wipper Wells
Pietro Mennea
Lyudmila Kondratyeva
Viktor Markin
Marita Koch

Montreal 1976

Donald O'Riley Quarrie
Hasely Joachim Crawford
Annegret Richter
Alberto Juantorena Danger

Munich 1972

Renate Stecher
Valeri Borzov
Vincent Edward "Vince" Matthews

Mexico 1968

Tommie Smith
James R. "Jim" Hines
Wyomia Tyus
Irena Szewinska
Colette Besson
Lee Edward Evans

Tokyo 1964

Henry Carr
Robert Lee Hayes
Michael Denny "Mike" Larrabee
Edith Marie McGuire

Rome 1960

Armin Hary
Wilma Glodean Rudolph
Otis Crandall Davis
Livio Berruti

Melbourne 1956

Elizabeth Cuthbert
Bobby Joe Morrow
Charlie Jenkins

Helsinki 1952

Lindy John Remigino
Marjorie Jackson
Vincent George Rhoden

London 1948

William Harrison Dillard
Francina Elsje "Fanny" Blankers-Koen
Mel Patton
Arthur Stanley Wint

Berlin 1936

Helen Herring Stephens
Jesse Owens
Archibald Franklin "Archie" Williams

Los Angeles 1932

Thomas Edward "Eddie" Tolan
William Arthur "Bill" Carr

Amsterdam 1928

Percy Williams
Elizabeth Robinson
Ray Barbuti

Paris 1924

Jackson Volney Scholz
Harold Abrahams
Eric Liddell

Antwerp 1920

Allen Woodring
Charles William Paddock
Bevil Gordon D'Urban Rudd

Stockholm 1912

Ralph Craig
Charles Reidpath

London 1908

Reginald Edgar Walker
Bobby Kerr
Wyndham Halswelle

Saint Lucia 1904

Charles Archibald "Archie" Hahn
Harry Livingston Hillman Jr.
Paul Harry Pilgrim

Paris 1900

John Tewksbury
Frank Washington Jarvis
Maxwell Warburn "Maxey" Long

Athens 1896

Thomas Edward Burke

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